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PostSubject: Opening   Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:20 pm


It is with great pride that I declare open the project TMGS4ever fans!

This project is for the sole purpose of providing fun for all who participate, and of course, produce the first fan-game of the series.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Ammy (or Dani), game designer for over ten years and big fan of Tokimeki Memorial, anime and my deviantart AND brazilian (I apologize for any grammatical error)
I started playing Tokimeki few months ago and I must say, I was absolutely delighted and entertained for hours on end. However the series is limited to a few lucky players, as it requires some practice with games (say first of all, unfortunately Tokimeki is a fairly difficult to find unless you're looking for something very specific. It is easier yet if the girl in question already know otome games ...) and also of course the fact that most do not understand a comma in Japanese.
So some time ago I was frustrated by not being able to play the third game of the series. It was then that crazy idea emerged:

Why not make my Tokimeki?

And here we are girls ... Here we are ...

How to use the forum_____________________________________________
You can contribute whatever you want here: drawings, story ideas, clothes, boys, shopping, places for meetings, mini-games ... So the stage is yours! Just go to the specific discussion and leave your ideas in there.
We also have a section for discussion of TMGS games and a free area for any kind of conversation. Choose your section and enjoy!
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