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 How to use this area

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PostSubject: How to use this area   Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:18 pm

How to use this area:
Before writing your topic, look what is accepted in this section:
  1. Any questions about the project or questions should be posted in on a specific topic within Games Discussion.
  2. Birthdays are for celebrating, then announce your own...!
  3. Partnerships between communities can be suggested here.
  4. If you saw something interesting on youtube, read a magazine, saw an image he saw a new movie or read a good book, comment here.
  5. If you own a website, blog or deviant, yes. You can publish it here
  6. YAOI (and any content that has anything inappropriate for minors, moreover) must come expressly stated in the title, preferably in capital letters. Images should be in external links
    (no [img] yaoi here [/ img]) use [url] yaoi there [/url]
  7. Be friendly with everyone. Watch your grammar. If something is looking out of order please contact me.
  8. And most importantly. Have fun!

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How to use this area
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